Perry-John Parker, SAP Business Development Consultant

“I hope you are all safe and well. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, however the SAP market is moving positively in the right direction at a very fast pace and it’s great to see the market move in this direction for all involved.

We are seeing projects starting again or being taken off hold that were paused due to Covid19, which is very encouraging.
We are seeing a growing increase for SAP BASIS consultants across UK and EU. This module and skillset is in high demand, with many of my clients who have large projects that are just launching or running mid-point within their implementation phase.
Please do get in contact with either myself or Farzam Rasouli and Apps IT Limited if you have the below skill set, experience and are currently looking for a new role/contract:

· SAP Web Application Server Java System (or SAP AS Java)
· Process Integration (PI) / Process Orchestration (PO) including installation, administration, sizing, configuration, performance related parameters, ports, destinations, log analysis, troubleshooting, configure transport route, etc
· System Landscape Directory (SLD)
· Netweaver Administrator (NWA)
· Certificates”

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