Data Science

Robert Mitchell, Data Science Practice Lead, brings over 8 years of IT Recruitment experience with more than 2 years dedicated exclusively to the Data Science and Machine Learning markets. Robert has a very deep understanding of the Data Science tools and techniques used by todays professionals and works with global organisations as well as UK based start-ups looking to grow and scale their Data Science and machine learning teams, including areas such as Computer Vision and NLP.
With a keen interest in S.O.T.A technology Rob regularly reads various Machine Learning articles and often shares them with his network on Linkedin.

We understand that Data Science professionals don’t look for a job, they look for a challenge and that there is a difference involved in working within a start-up environment compared to a larger corporate.

We can provide experts in the following roles:

Head of Data Science
Data Scientist
Research Scientist
NLP Scientist / Engineer
Computer Vision Scientist / Engineer
Head of Machine Learning
Machine Learning Engineer
Head of Data Engineering
Data Engineer
Back-end Python Engineer

Types of clients we work with:

Computer Software