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Change Manager
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Position Title  Change Manager
Location TBC: – with travel
Job Purpose:
Ensure all components of the business that are impacted by the SAP programme are managed appropriately
a) Geographical coverage:
b) Stakeholders: Executive and Senior Management level, All staff, Supplier and customer relationships
c) Annual budget (USD M): no direct budget control
d) Staff: Virtual teams
Principal Accountabilities
• Ensuring that the business transformation goes smoothly and that company achieves its goals with the buy-in of all stakeholder groups
• Identify all impacted stakeholders, internal, customer, vendor, regulatory etc
• Assess the change impact as it affects each group
• Ensure that a change plan is created for each identified group
• Commence a programme of change management activities that ensures that stakeholders
o Are informed, engaged and accepting of the change
o know what to do and when to do  it as a consequence of the change
o That feedback loops are created so that concerns are heard and fed back into the project so that they can be mitigated
• And
o Ensure staff concerns are identified and in conjunction with line managers and HR are appropriately and sensitively dealt with
o That suppliers are informed, managed and coordinated
o That customers are informed, managed and coordinated
o Ensure that the overall programme plans has Change activities included
• Work with the Comms teams to ensure that appropriate information about the programme and the change is shared at the right time, in the right forum utilising the most appropriate medium
• Ensure business as usual activities are not impacted due to conflicting demands during programme delivery and over the go live period
• Ensure that plans are in place to guarantee process and ways of working are embedded in the organisation at the point of cutover in a sustainable manner
• Coordinate with HR and the business to ensure that the potential impact on structures, roles, responsibilities and competencies within business units are identified and aligned with the future mode of operation and ensures that associated supporting business procedures are identified and appropriately updated by the business
• Ensure the delivery of a comprehensive training programme that is integrated and addresses the needs of all staff impacted by the programme

Key Challenges:
• Programme is in its early stages and not all risks/issues have been identified
• Building trust with all stakeholders internal and external
• Identifying all areas of impact
• Travel to many African countries in a short span of time
Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience:
• Experienced Change Manager
• Understands stakeholder management
• Well rounded understanding of business process review and analysis
• Experienced in embedding change in multi country large scale business transformation programmes

Key Competences
Understanding of how people manage change Mastery
High Quality communications skills written and oral Mastery
Adaptive style that allows communication to a variety of audiences Mastery
English and French ( and Portuguese a bonus) Mastery
understanding of organizational issues and challenges Mastery
Experience of large scale organisation change Skill
Flexible and adaptable, able to think and react on their feet Skill

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